our Work

Business Advocacy

Working closely with Wuxi Government to link foreign business with the government departments. Taking Voice of Business and adding value to the local business community

Networking Events

Bringing Foreign business and local business leaders together in regular networking events to develop links and build a strong knowledge base and sharing best practice


Developing Knowledge and Streamlining Communication in the Wuxi International Business Community. Improving the business environment for all.


Knowledge Base

Building a knowledge base to share with professionals in Wuxi.  Hosting a series of events ranging from guest speakers to best practice sharing at some of the manufacturing operations in Wuxi

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Diverse Group

Global Professionals Linked Together.  With members from 17 nations and significant number of Chinese Members, the group represents a wide range of cultures that are found in Wuxi business community



Bringing together the professional community in Wuxi to build strong business links


Wuxi Government Support

WuxiCham representatives regularly met with the Wuxi Government to align on activities


Factory Tours

Share best practice in lean manufacturing and production process through factory tour at leading business in Wuxi


Exclusive Benefits

Members enjoy exclusive benefits offered by WuxiCham and Wuxi Government Departments to Enhance Life & Work in Wuxi

Making Wuxi Enjoyable

The Membership and Committee strive to make Wuxi a better place to live and invest

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Problem Solving

Through our close links with business leaders in Wuxi and the Wuxi Government the group can assist with problem solving

our mission

Wuxi International Chamber of Commerce

Strives to be an advocacy group and knowledge base

where foreigners living and working in Wuxi

can network, share knowledge and link to the

local government activities in Wuxi.  The group aims to make

Wuxi a desirable place to live, work and do business.


Some facts

Wuxi Chamber membership and associate membership consists of people from 25 nations covering 12 industry sectors.

This broad range of skills and experience can be used to overcome problems efficiently through the network of like minded professionals

How We Add Value


Contact WuxiCham committee to understand how we can add value to your business in wuxi